The BioNanoMedicine Center “NANOMIB” of the University Milano-Bicocca is a biotech platform whose mission is the design, synthesis and validation of nano-devices for regenerative medicine, therapy and diagnosis of human diseases.
Nanomib accelerates the path that goes from laboratory experimentation to the application of new methods in humans diagnostic and therapeutics of many diseases that are still largely untreated today: “from the bench to the bedside” promoting an effective link with pharmaceutical and medical industries. The Center brings together the skills of Milano-Bicocca researchers in various research areas (chemistry, materials, physics, biophysics, biochemistry, biology, physiology, biotechnology, informatics, statistics, toxicology, and almost all clinical specializations) and different Departments (Medicine and Surgery, Biotechnology and Biosciences, Physics, Materials Science Informatics , Environmental and Earth Sciences) to create new models of care and prevention in the field of therapy, diagnostics and regenerative medicine.